Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week



What is Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week?

Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week is part of a national week of awareness originally started by the National Coalition for the Homeless and the National Student Campaign against Hunger and Homelessness. National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week is observed the week before Thanksgiving each year. In previous years, the Center for Civic Engagement, along with various campus and community partners, host several different awareness-building and advocacy-related programs. Some programs include: documentary screenings, philanthropic drives, social media campaigns, panel discussions, food resource opportunities, educational workshops and direct service opportunities in the Charleston community. 

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Food and Housing Resources

Check out the list of food and housing resources below. If you or a student you know is experiencing food or housing insecurity, contact the Dean of Students' office for support and assistance.

Student Food and Temporary Housing Assistance Application - If you are a student experiencing food or housing insecurity, fill out this application and turn it in to the Dean of Students' office on the third floor of the Stern Student Center.

Food Resources Card* - Check out this card for information about weekly free food opportunities.  

Cougar Food Pantry - This is College of Charleston's on-campus food pantry. Any College of Charleston student can access this resource. The Cougar Food Pantry is on the second floor of the Stern Student Center, and the front desk staff of the Stern Center can let students access the pantry at any time.

Excess Food Distribution* - When a campus event has excess food at an event, the Excess Food Distribution Listserv will send out an alert to all students who sign up. Interested students should join Excess Food Distribution Group.

To join go to : CougarConnect

  • Sign-in with your College Email and Password
  • Click on Organizations on top row
  • Search Excess Food
  • Click blue JOIN button

Community Resources Guide - Check out this guide of off-campus community resources for food and housing insecurity.

*Please note that these resources may be disrupted by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

How to Fight Against Food and Housing Insecurity

Contact your elected officials - Reach out to your elected officials and tell them that you want them to prioritize food and housing security in their political agendas. Check out our Student Resources tab for more information on how to contact your specific elected officials.

Register to vote - Voting is the single easiest way to make a difference in your community. Do some research on candidates running in your district to see which ones have make food and housing security a priority. Check out our Student Resources tab for more information on how to register to vote and how to vote absentee.

Donate what you can - We understand that most college students do not have an abundance of resources that they can donate to food an housing security organizations. However, there are some easy ways to donate what you can:

  • Donate food and pantry items to the Cougar Food Pantry. Be sure to contact them before donating to see if they truly need the items you wish to donate.
  • Donate your extra meal swipes to the Swipe Away Hunger campaign at the end of the fall semester. Follow the Student Alumni Association for updates on this annual campaign.
  • Donate your time! There are countless organizations in the Charleston area that fight against food and housing insecurity. Consider volunteering with these organizations virtually or in-person after the pandemic is over. Check out the Community Resources Guide for information on just a handful of these wonderful organizations.
Food Insecurity and Homelessness Locally

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