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At the Center for Civic Engagement, we work closely with students, faculty, community organizations and others to help students cultivate a life-long passion for positive social change.

Through education, servicand reflection, our programs and initiatives give students the chance to make a difference in the civic life of our campus - and in Charleston and around the world, too. We weave these three components into everything we do to help you build your capacity for thoughtful and impactful civic engagement.

Engaged in Your Growth and Success 
Our programs also help prepare you for success – in the classroom and on the job.

They’re hands-on, and give you a front-row seat to activities and fields that can guide you in different ways. In fact, they're designed to help you identify your strengths, build connections, and gain invaluable skills and experiences.

The result? You can make a difference and be a part of impactful social change – and grow your leadership, public speaking and project management skills at the same time.

By The Numbers
Being engaged in your community matters, whether it’s on campus, in Charleston or beyond. Civic engagement means you can be a changemaker, strengthen the community and build a foundation for success after you graduate. Here’s how volunteering can help you stand out:

  • 81% of Human Resources executives surveyed felt skilled volunteers should be considered in hiring decisions
  • 76% of Human Resources executives surveyed felt volunteering made a candidate more desirable
  • 27% - Increase of job candidates with volunteer experience finding employment compared to non-volunteer counterparts

Sources: Corporation for National and Community Service; Deloitte Volunteer IMPACT study

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