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Interested in being a site leader for an Alternative Break experience?

Looking to build your leadership skills? Or have you had previous experience as an Alternative Break participant and are inspired to take on a new role in the Alternative Break movement? If so, we encourage you to apply as an Alternative Break Site Leader.

Site Leader Position Description and Expectation

The Site Leader position is a committed leadership role within the Alternative Break Program and the Center for Civic Engagement, ideal for any student who is interested in working for social justice. The Site Leader role is a nine-month commitment from September through April. Site Leaders can expect to spend 3-6 hours per week planning and organizing trip logistics. As resources for Alternative Break participants, leaders will be expected to meet the following criteria throughout the duration of their role:

  • Support strategies for participant recruitment including information sessions, tabling, and student organization presentations
  • Develop and co-lead pre-departure educational meetings
  • Plan and implement one pre-trip and one post-trip service experience locally for participants
  • Participate in program-wide fundraisers
  • Coordinate all logistical aspects of trip experience (i.e. lodging, food, travel, appropriate paperwork, training, education, etc.)
  • Create and co-lead consistent, connected, challenging reflection activities and conversations with trip participants
  • Manage communication with participants, faculty/staff Learning Partner (advisor), as well as community partners
  • Attend all mandatory Site Leader training and participant meetings and events
  • Adhere to deadlines assigned by Associate Director of the CCE for education and reflection materials, logistical aspects, trip payments, etc.

Professional Development and Skill-Building Opportunities 

Site Leaders volunteer their time toward making the Alternative Break experience transformative and educational for participants. In turn, they develop highly marketable skills they can highlight for future internship and employment opportunities.
The training in which Site Leaders participate will not only prepare them for all aspects of planning and leading an Alternative Break experience, but also serve as educational workshops that will teach them transferable skills including:

  • Facilitation
  • Project management
  • Effective collaboration and conflict management
  • Leading conversations around social justice and diversity
  • Problem-solving and adaptability


Site Leaders for the 2019-2020 year received compensation to cover at least half of the cost of their trip for meeting the expectations of this role. Future compensation will be determined depending on each trip cost.


The Center for Civic Engagement typically recruits site leaders in August and September of each academic year. If you are interested in being a site leader for the 2021-2022 school year, follow us on Instagram @cofcvolunteer for updates as to when those applications will be live. 

Please contact with any questions. 


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