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The mission of Alternative Break is to empower students to progress from members of their community to active citizens through social issue-focused education, direct service, and reflection. With education, direct service, and critical reflection as our guide, the Center for Civic Engagement seeks to provide students with dynamic experiential learning opportunities that allow them to explore the world of active citizenship.

The Alternative Break program embodies these core values and provides students with avenues
of self-discovery and social awareness through service immersion, group development, travel, and cultural exchange.

Alternative Break at the College of Charleston hosts approximately 10-14 domestic and international service immersion trips each year engaging over 100 students in direct service and intentional reflection during the academic breaks.

Alternative Break is affiliated with Break Away®, a national nonprofit organization, which provides a curriculum and network for over 100 affiliate schools and more than 400 nonprofit community partners.

Through the devoted efforts of our student leaders and staff members, the Alternative Break program seeks to empower students to expand their horizons of self-awareness and social responsibility. The Alternative Break Leadership Board works passionately to advance social justice through direct service and a curriculum encompassing topics that fuel the progress of positive social change. From exploring cultural preservation through drum circles of the Quileute Tribe in La Push, Washington, to building sustainable and affordable housing in Charlotte, North Carolina, Alternative Break students continue to embrace the experiences that broaden the scope of their educational experience.

The Nine Components of the Alternative Break Program at the College of Charleston include:

  1. Strong direct service
  2. Alcohol and other drug-free requirements while on the trips
  3. Diversity
  4. Education
  5. Orientation
  6. Training
  7. Reflection
  8. Reorientation
  9. Community Impact
For more information about Alternative Break, call 843.953.5838.

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