Meet the Bonners

meet current bonner leaders at college of charleston

There’s no doubt that being a Bonner Leader is a commitment; howeverthe experience is incredibly rewarding. They have inspiring stories of community engagement and cross-cultural experiences to share.

See what College of Charleston Bonner Leaders are doing!

Bonner Leaders take initiative. They're creative. They make a difference.

Aleyse Bonner Leader Aleyse S. ’23 wants to change lives. It started as a weekly blog discussing the disparities within South Carolina’s education system. It turned into an opportunity to teach art classes to students from a local Title 1 school. By building on this project, Aleyse is able to explore her career options.
Armani Amani L., '24 is working on a podcast, “The Bonner Balance,” that helps students develop a healthy and sustainable balance between school, work and their personal lives. 
Brendan Bonner Leader Brendan M. ’24 started an Instagram account – @yourweeklywakeup – that interrupts the social media doom scroll and teaches his peers about global societal issues. 
Christian Bonner Leader Christian S. ’22 created and gave a presentation to a group of men who were re-entering society after being released from prison. Now, he works with a local non-profit, Charleston Waterkeeper. As a marine biology major, it’s a perfect fit. 
Zora Bonner Leader Zora B. ’23 volunteers with The Sustainability Institute to help bring awareness to sustainability issues in the Charleston community. 














































Hear what College of Charleston Bonners have to say! 

“Love extends to every member of our Bonner family. Every Bonner is there for you if you need it.” 

- Emma B. '22  

“Joining Bonner as a student of color at a predominately white institution has given me a safe space and community on campus.”  

- Aliece H. '23

"Bonner is so much more than an organization, it's a group of people from all different backgrounds who have taught me so many things."

- Emily M. '22

"I am an African American woman who attends a PWI and sometimes being the only, or one of the few black students, in a class can put pressure on you. Bonner allows me to not feel the pressure as much and help me manage my feelings." 

Jamye T. ‘22 


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