Community Partners

We strive to engage students in service that encompasses an understanding of issues that affect both our communities and the world at-large. We are dedicated to finding new, creative ways to make lasting partnerships and solutions to address these issues. Questions? Contact Gracie Paterson for more information. 

Remote/Virtual Volunteering

The Center for Civic Engagement will continue to encourage our students to participate in remote and (if comfortable) in-person volunteer opportunities. You may request volunteers for in-person and/or remote positions by completing the form below.  



While there are many elements that comprise a strong volunteer relationship, we have outlined a few basic expectations here to guide your interactions with student volunteers. Please note that there may be other expectations that your organization has specifically identified for the success of your programs. This is in no way meant to be a finite list, but rather a starting point. Please note that many students volunteer independently and are not necessarily affiliated with our office or familiar with the following points.

Center for Civic Engagement

    • The Center for Civic Engagement cannot guarantee student volunteers for one-time events or ongoing service opportunities
    • When student volunteers engage in service through a Center for Civic Engagement event, basic training and education surrounding the community issue will be provided by CCE staff

Community Partner

    • Expectations and responsibilities should be communicated to student volunteers prior to their commitment 
    • Orientation to your organization and the social issues addressed should be provided prior to service
    • A service supervisor should be appointed to provide support and oversee matters of safety onsite

Student Volunteer 

    • Communicate your availability and provide sufficient notice of any absence or change of plans
    • Be flexible when necessary and remember that community often requires a high-degree of adaptability 
    • Practice a high degree of professionalism in your interactions with community partners and community members

Volunteers and community partners alike are encouraged to consider the importance of scheduling an initial meeting with each other prior to service in order to discuss schedules, expectations, skill set, and to develop a work plan. 

Community Partner Listserv

If you are interested in joining our listserv for more information regarding resources and opportunities for local community partners, please follow the step-by-step instructions below:

  1. Email
  2. Leave the subject heading blank
  3. In the body of the email write this: “Subscribe Your Full Name” 
  4. Make sure that the email address in the body of the message is NOT a hyperlink. 
    IF it is underlined-hyperlinked, right click it, and click Remove Hyperlink.
  5. You will receive an email from College of Charleston LISTSERV Server with "Command confirmation request".
    It will read: Your command: SUBSCRIBE COMMUNITYPARTNERS Your Name has  been received. You must now reply to this message (as explained below) to complete your subscription. The purpose of this confirmation procedure is to make sure that you have indeed requested  to be added to the list.  
  6. To confirm the  execution of your command, simply click  on the following link: the link, like the one above, in the email you receive to complete your listserv subscription.
  7. You are subscribed to the listserv when you receive this email: 

    OK 2E728E49
    You have been added to the COMMUNITYPARTNERS list.

Weekly Digest Emails

Are you looking for students for ongoing/semester long volunteer opportunities? Do you have an upcoming event that requires volunteers? Our weekly digest is sent to students and faculty/staff registered for our campus listserv every Wednesday. The digest includes information regarding upcoming events and urgent volunteer needs. If you would like us to include any volunteer needs from your community organization, please submit details to the form above. 

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