Volunteer Opportunities

Do you have a commitment to service? 

The Center for Civic Engagement partners with community non-profits to connect students with semester-long volunteer opportunities in the area.

Volunteer Listserv and Weekly Digest

If you are a College of Charleston student, faculty, or staff member interested in information regarding volunteer opportunities and updates from our office, please register for our listserv and weekly digest by following the step-by-step instructions below:

  1. Email listserv@listserv.cofc.edu
  2. Leave the subject heading blank
  3. In the body of the email write this:
    Subscribe VOLUNTEER@listserv.cofc.edu Your Full Name
  4. Make sure that the email address in the body of the message is NOT a hyperlink.
    IF it is underlined-hyperlinked, right click it, and click Remove Hyperlink.
  5. You will receive an email from College of Charleston LISTSERV Server with "Command confirmation request".
    It will read: Your command: SUBSCRIBE VOLUNTEER Your Name has  been received.  You must  now reply  to this  message (as  explained below) to  complete your subscription.  The purpose of  this confirmation procedure is to make  sure that you have indeed requested  to be added to the list.  To confirm the  execution of your command, simply click  on the following link: http://listserv.cofc.edu/scripts/wa.exe?OK=2E728E49&L=VOLUNTEER
  6. Click the link,like the one above, in the email you receive to complete your listserv subscription.
  7. You are subscribed to the listserv when you receive this email: 

    LISTSERV Command Response (VOLUNTEER)
    OK 2E728E49

    You have been added to the VOLUNTEER list.

If you would like to post opportunities on the weekly digest, please go to the Community Partners Page

Virtual Volunteering

If you are still unsure about returning to in-person service, you still have many ways to volunteer from home! Below is a continuously-updated list of virtual volunteering opportunities. Keep checking in here or on our Instagram (@cofcvolunteer) to find more service opportunities!

Local Opportunities

  • Support a child in CCSD with just 1 hour per week!
    • Support a child in Charleston County School District during the 2022/23 school year with only 1 hour per week! Heart Math Tutoring trains and supports volunteers as tutors to work one-on-one with elementary students to build foundational math skills and confidence! With the support of an on-site coordinator, volunteers use an easy-to-follow, proven curriculum featuring hands-on activities and games. Volunteers work with the same student(s) all year building a relationship and strengthening skills. Sign up to volunteer here and select your day and time or email Kelsey Ripley, kelsey.ripley@heartmathtutoring.org with questions.

  • Reading Partners - Volunteers will tutor students in grades K-5 in the area of reading and literacy over secure video chat.  Volunteers must go through two virtual orientations and complete a background check, and must be available to tutor at least once a week, between the hours of 8AM and 3PM Monday through Thursday.  Students have the option of tutoring in a center on campus, or from their homes.  All tutoring centers follow CDC COVID-19 health and safety guidelines.


  • The Trevor Project - Volunteers can serve in a variety of capacities working to support LGBTQ+ teens and young adults through advocacy efforts or one-on-one chat sessions.
    • Trigger Warning - Depending on which volunteer opportunity you chose, you may be required to discuss depression and suicide with LGBTQ+ youth.
    • All opportunities require a minimum one-year commitment.

Mental Health

  • IMAlive - Volunteers will serve on the live online crisis network, working with individuals who may be struggling with depression or suicidal thoughts. 
    • Trigger Warning - You will be required to discuss depression and suicidal ideation at-length during training and while serving.
    • This service opportunity requires extensive training, a six-month or year-long commitment, and a small fee to cover training costs. If you are interesting in this opportunity, please make sure you can commit the appropriate time and resources to this organization.

Senior Services

  • Lifetime Connections Without Walls - Volunteers can engage with senior citizens from all over the country through their telephone. They participate, facilitate, or even create various sessions to add activity and connection to the everyday lives of senior citizens.

Language Services

  • Translators Without Borders - Individuals who speak more than one langauge fluently can provide translation services to humanitarian organizations around the world.
  • TED Translators - Individuals who speak more than one lanuage can work to translate and subtitle TED talks in order to further spread the impact and knowledge provided by TED talks.

Accessibility and Equity

  • Be My Eyes - Volunteers download an app that will connect them to individuals who are sight-impaired through video calling. Individuals may call to request assistance naviagting a new space, reading a piece of mail, or many other things. Be My Eyes hopes to allow visually-impaired individuals to live more independent lives through the service of volunteers.
  • VocaliD - Volunteers can "donate their voice" in order to help the thousands of individuals around the world who are living with speech impairements. In creating a "voicebank", VocaliD hopes to allow everyone the chance to have their own custom voice. 
  • Bookshare - Volunteers will help further Bookshare's mission to increase access to literacy for thousands of individuals who have reading disabilities. Volunteers can either scan their own books into Bookshare's database or edit already uploaded books.

Historical and Scientific Research

  • Smithsonian Digital Volunteering - Volunteers will work to increase online access to the Smithsonian's ever-growing collections through transcriptions, research, and adding to Wikipedia pages.
  • Ancestry.com's World Archives Program - Volunteers will access scanned images fom Ancestry's database and transcribe them so individuals can search for them using keywords, helping thousands of people on their genealogical journey.
  • Carnamah Historical Society Virtual Volunteering Program - Volunteers can register and be assigned various historical letters and diaries from Western Australia to transcribe and index, making these sources more easily discoverable by researchers.
  • New York Public Library's Map Rectifier ProjectVolunteers can register with this geo-rectification toolkit that creates layered digital maps utilizing all the information available about a certain geography from sources as varied as Google’s satellite imagery and centuries-old fire insurance land maps. They will then search for their desired location and index information that records how many floors a building once had or what a street was named at different points in time. The resulting layered digital map shows the aggregate results.

Disaster Relief

  • American Red Cross Digital Volunteering - Volunteers monitor social engagement online in order to better connect people to the resources and services provided by the Red Cross.
  • MapSwipe - Volunteers can download this app and assist various humanitarian groups by locating potentially vulnerable communities on maps. Therefore, when a crisis in that area does occur, local first responders and non-profit organizations can use this data to help as many individuals as possible.

International Humanitarian 

  • United Nations Online Volunteering -  Volunteers can work on a variety of projects with governments, public agencies, or civil society organizations
  • Amnesty Decoders - Volunteers will sift through various information, documents, and photographs in order to identify and expose human rights violations.
    • Trigger Warning - Content may be graphic and disturbing

Education and Children  

  • UPLIFT with the Lonon Foundation -  Using a play based approach, volunteers work with the UPLIFT kids to facilitate fun, friendship and emotional growth. As a volunteer, you will interact with children in group settings with other passionate volunteers!
    • The volunteer experience can be as little or as much as you want. The minimum time commitment is approximately 5 hours/month. Each month, they have one event over zoom (1hr-2hr) and a monthly meeting to prepare and discuss our events. Training on interacting with children is provided, and opportunities to fundraise and interact with other volunteers are also a possibility.


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